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① The smile on her face shone like a diamond.她脸上的笑容像钻石一样闪闪发光。

② A smile of understanding flashed across his face.他脸上露出了一种理解的微笑。

③ A ripple of excitement ran through them.一阵激动声穿过他们。

④ Laughter lingered around the room.笑声在房间里萦绕。

⑤ His eyes twinkled with pleasure.他的眼睛闪烁着快乐。

⑥ A wild gaiety(快乐) took hold of her.一种疯狂的快乐控制了她。

⑦ Unforgettable were her eyes that shone like diamonds and lips held in a steady


⑧ I was wild with joy.我欣喜若狂。

⑨ I was pleased beyond description.我高兴得难以形容。

⑩ She wore a shining smile on her face.她脸上带着灿烂的笑容。

⑪ Her smile lit up the whole room.她的笑容照亮了整个房间。

⑫ She shed tears of joy.她高兴得流下了眼泪。

⑬ Her eyes were sparkling like diamonds.她的眼睛闪着钻石般的光芒。

⑭ She was overflowing with happiness.她洋溢着幸福。

⑮ Her flushed face was shining with excitement.她激动得满脸通红。

⑯ Joy welled up inside her.她心中涌起喜悦。

⑰ I was floating on air.我漂浮在空中。

⑱ Amusement gleamed in his eyes.他眼睛流露出愉快的神情。


① I was seized by anger.我充满了愤怒。

② He was fuming with rage.他气得大发雷霆。

③ His anger boiled over.他的愤怒爆发了。

④ He could hardly/scarcely contain his rage.他几乎控制不住怒火。

⑤ He was breathing fire and fury.他充满着怒火。

⑥ His voice trembled with anger.他的声音因愤怒而颤抖。

⑦ He gave me a look of burning anger.他愤怒地看了我一眼。

⑧ He glared at me with burning eyes.他用灼热的目光怒视着我。

⑨ He flared up at the word.他一听到这个字就勃然大怒。

⑩ His face clouded with anger.他气得脸色阴沉。


①He stood silently, tears rolling down his cheeks.他静静地站着,眼泪顺着面颊流了下来。

② I feel like I am floating in an ocean of sadness.我漂浮在悲伤的海洋里。

③ Her hands were shaking. She was on the verge of tears.她的手在颤抖。她快要哭了。

④ Hearing the news, so desperate was he that he drowned sadness in wine.听到这个消息,他绝望地把悲伤淹没在酒里。

⑤ She burst into tears and ran out of the room.她突然哭了起来,跑出了房间。

⑥ She sobbed, hiding her face in her hands.她掩面哭泣。

⑦ I tried to fight back tears. /My eyes were filled with tears.我努力忍住眼泪。/我的眼里充满了泪水。

⑧ A frown(皱眉)now stood on his face.他皱起了眉头。

⑨ They sat there with glum looks on their faces. 他们坐在那里,带着一脸忧郁。 

⑩  The news cast a cloud of gloom over his face.这消息使他脸上蒙上了一层阴影。

⑪ He brimmed over with sorrow when...他满是悲伤……

⑫ They were immersed in sorrow.他们沉浸在悲痛之中。

⑬  These days he was in low spirits.这些日子他情绪低落。


①He turned to me, with his eyes full of horror.他转过身来,眼里充满了恐惧。

②Fear slowly creeps upon her.恐惧慢慢地蔓延到她身上。

③She was struck with horror when...她感到恐惧……

④She was choked by fear.她因恐惧而窒息。

⑤Her face turned pale and stood there tongue-tied.她脸色苍白地站在那里,舌头打结。

⑥A flood of fear welled up in him. / Fear flooded over him.他心中涌起一阵恐惧。/ 恐惧淹没了他。

⑦Her heart beat so violently that she felt nearly suffocated(窒息).她的心跳得厉害,几乎窒息而死。

⑧She shook all over, feeling like sitting on pins and needles.她浑身颤抖,觉得如坐针毡。

5. 感动

①  Touched deeply/immensely, we…被深深感动,我们……

②  Tears filling her eyes, she offered her heartfelt gratitude.她热泪盈眶,表示衷心的感谢。

③  With tears streaming down her face, she... 泪水顺着她脸上留下来,她……




1. He hung/dropped/lowered/bent/bowed his head in shame.他羞愧地低下了头。

2. They nodded their heads in agreement. 他们点头同意。

3. She shook her head in disbelief.她怀疑地摇摇头。

4. He scratched his head, not understanding a word.他挠了挠头,一个字也听不懂。

5. She buried her head in the pillow.她用枕头捂住脑袋。

6. She rested her head on his shoulder.她将头靠在他的肩膀上。

7. His head drooped and tears fell into his lap.他耷拉着脑袋,眼泪滴落在大脚上。

8. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.我头一碰到枕头就睡着了。

9. He put/held his head in his hands, greatly annoyed.他双手抱头,十分生气。

10. It never entered my head that he might be lying.我从未想过他会是在撒谎。

11. I decided to go for a walk to clear my head.我决定去走走,清醒一下头脑。

12. He could feel his head spinning after only one drink.他只喝了一杯就觉得天旋地转。

13. He turned and headed for the door.他转身朝门口走去。

14. She stood up and headed towards the exit. 她起身朝出口走去。


1. A bright smile appeared on/ spread across/ crossed his face.他的脸上露出了灿烂的笑容。

2. Her face lit up/brightened/glowed when I gave her the present.我给她礼物时,他的脸上焕发出了光彩。

3. His face suddenly grew serious.他的表情突然严肃起来。

4. His face looked a little confused.他看起来有点因惑。

5. Jack's face flushed/burned with embarrassment.杰克窘得满脸通红。

6. Her face paled with fright.她吓得脸都白了。

7. He had a slight frown on his face.他的脸上现出有点儿愁眉不展的样子。


1. He rested his cheek on her shoulder.他将面颊靠在她的肩上。

2. He felt his cheeks burning with shame.他因为羞愧而感到脸颊发烧。

3. Her cheeks were wet with tears.她泪流满面。

4. Color rushed/flooded/rose to her cheeks when she realized she was being watched.意识到有人在看她,她顿时涨红了脸。

5. A tear slid down her cheek.一滴泪顺着她的脸颊滑落下来。

6. He kissed her on both cheeks and got on the train.他亲了亲她的脸颊,然后上了火车。


1. His eyes were wide with horror.他惊恐地瞪大了眼睛。

2. The dog's hungry eyes were on my sandwich. 那条狗饥饿的目光落在我的三明治。

3. He turned his eyes to the door when he heard the handle turning.听到门把转动的声音,他向门那边看去。

4. Tina squeezed her eyes shut and bit her lip.蒂娜闭上双眼,咬了咬嘴唇。

5. She looked her father straight in the eye and answered his question truthfully.她直视父亲的眼睛,诚实地回答了他的问题。

6. He seemed unwilling to meet my eyes.他似乎不愿意与我的目光接触。

7. His eyes grew wide/widened with horror at what she had done.看到她所做的事,他惊恐地睁大了眼睛。

8. She laughed, her eyes shining/ sparking/ sparkling/ glistening/ glowing with excitement.她笑了,眼里闪烁着兴奋的光芒。

9. Her eyes brimmed with/filled with tears.她的眼里充满泪水。brim [brim](使)盛满

10. She tried to sit up, her eyes fixed on Jean's face.她试图坐起来,目光紧盯着琼的脸。

11. His eyes never left mine.他一刻不停地盯着我。

12. His eyes scanned the room as he entered.他进屋时眼睛扫视了整个房间。

13. His eyes dropped to her lap as she answered.他回答时垂下眼睛看着膝盖。

14. Tears blurred her eyes/vision.泪水模糊了她的双眼。

15. I felt tears well up in my eyes.我感到泪水在眼里涌出来。


1. She opened her mouth to say something. 她张开嘴要说什么。

2. He covered his mouth to hide his yawn. 他捂住嘴偷偷打了个哈欠。

3. Our mouths dropped open in surprise.我们惊奇地张大了嘴。

4. My mouth started watering when I smelled the food.闻到食物的香味,我开始流口水了。

5. His mouth widened to a smile.他的咧开嘴笑了。

6. Suddenly a hand cupped her mouth.突然一只手扣住了她的嘴。

7. A smile played around his mouth.他的嘴上挂着一丝笑意。

8. He began to stuff his mouth with pasta.他开始往嘴里塞意大利面。

9. He straightened up and looked at me, open-mouthed.他直起身,目瞪口呆地看着我。

10. My heart was in my mouth when I walked into her office. 我走进她的办公室时,紧张得心都到了喉咙口。

11. Her mouth grew stiff with pain and distress. 疼痛和悲伤让她嘴巴发僵。

12. She froze, her mouth hanging open. 她呆住了,嘴张开着。


1. She took the child's hand and helped him climb the steps.她拉住孩子的手牵着他爬上台阶。

2. He reached for her hand and held it tightly. 他伸手抓住她的手并紧紧握住。

3. They walked along, holding hands.他们手拉手并肩走着。

4. He held the key in his hand.他手里拿着钥匙。

5. He grasped the rope with both hands.他双手抓着绳子。

6. He shook my hands as if we were long lost friends.他握住我的手好像我们是失散多年的朋友。

7. She smiled and hold out/reach out a hand in welcome.她笑着伸出一只手表示欢迎。

8. She put her hands to her cheeks in embarrassment.窘迫之中她用双手捂住了脸。

9. Several students raised their hands to answer the question.几个学生举手回答问题。

10. He slid his hands into his pockets.他悄悄地将手插进口袋里。

11. She shrugged and spread her hands.'That's all I can tell you.'她耸耸肩,摊开双手说:“我只能告诉你这么多了。”

12. She shivered, rubbing her hands together fiercely.她一边颤抖,一边使劲搓着双手。

13. Her hands shook/trembled as she lifted the glass to her lips.她的手颤抖着把杯子送到唇边。

14. A strong hand reached out and caught hold of her arm.一只有力的手伸了出来抓住了她的手臂。

15. I cupped my hand over the phone so they couldn't hear me. 我用手捂住电话,免得他们听到我的话。

16. He sat with his head in his hands.他双手抱着坐着。

17. They walked hand in hand along the path. 他们手拉手沿着小路走。


1. The teacher raised a warning finger and we stopped talking.老师举起一根手指,警告我们停止讲话。

2. She took off his bandages with gentle fingers.她用她轻柔的手指取下了他的绷带。

3. 'It was them!' she cried, pointing an accusing finger at the boys.“是他们!”她叫到,用手指着那些男孩们。

4. She raised/held up a finger to her lip to ask for silence.她举起手指到嘴边,要我们安静。

5. 'None of that!' cried the teacher, wagging/waving her finger.“一个都不是!”老师叫到,挥舞着她的手指。

6. I dipped my finger in the sauce and licked it. 我用手指蘸了一下酱油,并尝了一下。

7. He was drumming his fingers nervously on the arm of the chair.他紧张地用他的手指轻轻地敲着椅子扶手。

8. He snapped his fingers and the waiter came running.



1. They are sure to welcome you with open arms.他们一定会张开双臂欢迎你。

2. He was running forward, waving his arms.他正向前跑去,挥舞着手臂。

3. He stood there with crossed arms, looking angry.他站在那里,双手交叉抱在胸前,看上去很生气。

4. She folded her arms and stared at him.她双手交叉,盯着他看。

5. He held out/opened his arms with a broad smile.他咧开嘴,张开了双臂。

6. He reached out a hand and caught hold of/grabbed/took/ her arm.他伸出一只手,抓住她的手臂。

7. She moved closer to her father and took his arm.她靠近她父亲,并抓住他的手臂。

8. They walked along arm in arm.他们手挽手一起走。

9. He ran up to her and put/threw/ his arms around her.他向她跑去,双手抱着她。

10. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her.他把她拉进怀抱,吻了她。

11. She stood, looking at him with arms akimbo.她站立着,双手叉腰。


1. I tapped the man on the shoulder and asked him to move.我拍拍这个人的肩膀,叫他走开。

2. When I asked him why he had done it, he just shrugged his shoulders.当我问他为什么这么做时,他只是耸耸肩。

3. My shoulders dropped with relief.我的肩膀松弛了下来。

4. The child sat on her father's shoulders to watch the parade go by.这个小孩坐在他父亲的肩膀上看着游行队伍经过。

5. He shouldered open the door.他用肩膀顶开了门。

6. She shouldered her way through the crowd.他用肩膀在人群中挤出一条路来。

7. He looked (back) over his shoulder.他回头看。


1. With a heavy/sinking/broken heart, she watched him go.她看着他离去,心很沉重/心碎了。

2. He set off with a light heart.他出发了,心情很轻松。

3. His sad story touched her heart.他的忧伤的故事打动了她。

4. Her words pierced my heart.她的话刺痛了我的心。

5. Just follow your heart and you'll be happy.听从你的内心,你才会快乐。

6. Finally, he broke down in tears and poured out his heart to her.他忍不住痛哭流涕,向她倾诉了他的心声。

7. Relief filled his heart. 他如释重负。

8. Her heart leaped with joy.她的心高兴得都要跳出来了。

9. My heart aches when I think of their sorrow. 当我想到他们的悲痛时,我的心很痛。

10. Inside, his heart was slowly breaking.在内心,他的心在慢慢地碎裂。

11. He smiled and her heart melted.他笑了,她的心融化了。

12. Her heart is beating fast.她的心跳的很快。

13. Her heart was pounding with excitement.她的心激动地砰砰直跳。

14. His heart thumped with fear.她的心因为害怕而砰砰直跳。

15. My heart began to thump wildly.我的心开始狂跳起来。

16. Her heart seemed to miss a beat. 我的心跳仿佛停了一下。

17. Those words can make your heart skip a beat and bring tears to your eyes. 这些话能让你的心停跳一拍,然后让你哭。


1. He bends/hunches his back when he walks.当他走路的时候,他弓着背。

2. He yawned and stretched his back as he got out of bed.他起床的时候,打了个哈欠,并伸了个懒腰。

3. He leaned his back against the bar.他斜倚着这根棍子。

4. He smiled and gave me a hearty slap/pat on the back.他笑笑,在我背脊上热情地拍了一下。

5. They tied his hands behind his back.他们把他的双手绑在他的背后。

6. He was carrying a small child on his back.他正背着一个小孩。

7. She was lying on her back on the sofa.她正躺在沙发上。

8. He backed slowly out of the room.他慢慢地退出了房间。

9. He took a step forward and she nervously backed away.他向前走了一步,她紧张地往后退。


1. He got shakily to his feet.他颤抖地站了起来。

2. She jumped to her feet when she heard the news.当她听到这个消息时,她跳了起来。

3. She was tapping/stamping her feet impatiently.她不耐烦地跺着脚,来回走动。

4. She dragged her feet as she reluctantly followed her parents.她不情愿地跟在父母后面,拖着脚步。

5. My feet slipped as I was about to shoot and I missed the ball.我脚下滑了一下当我正要射门的时候,一脚踢空。

6. They carried him out of the room with his feet kicking.他们把他拖出房间,他的脚在空中乱踢。

7. He shivered as his feet touched the cold floor.当他的脚一碰到冰冷的地板时,他哆嗦了一下。

8. He likes to put his feet up and watch TV when he gets home.当他回家的时候,他喜欢搁着脚看电视。


1. Suddenly her knees buckled/ weakened and she fell to the floor.突然,她双膝一软,跪倒在地。

2. He hugged his knees to keep warm.他抱膝取暖。

3. He went/got down on his knees and begged for forgiveness.他双膝跪地,祈求原谅。

4. She sat on her father's knees while he read her a story.她坐在她爸爸的膝盖上,她爸爸给她读故事的时候。

5. He was on his knees, searching for the missing ring.他跪在地上,寻找着丢失的戒指。


1. She crossed the finish line on tired legs.她用她那疲惫的双腿穿过了终点线。

2. He rose to his feet on shaky legs.他双腿颤抖地站了起来。

3. I moved the chair away from the table so I could cross my legs.我把椅子从桌子那里移开,这样我就可以交叉我的双腿了。